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Regular condomsThere are lots of things to think about when choosing a condom, with so many different types available for you to use, it can sometimes be hard to know which one will be best to use. To give you a hand we’ve listed the ones that we use here at Over the Rainbow in helpful categories giving you a heads up as to what will suit you best.

Condoms for Reassurance

When used properly, condoms can be a popular choice when helping to prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) and unwanted pregnancies. As a method of contraception condoms have the advantage of being inexpensive, easy to use and readily available from clinics such as ours, pharmacists, toilets and gay venues such as pubs and clubs.

Extra condomsJust like men, condoms come all different shapes and sizes. Regular condoms are shaped for a more comfortable fit and are a popular choice. Standard condoms will fit almost anyone, although many manufactures offer a variety of sizes.

Extra condoms are made slightly thicker and are coated with extra lube helping to further reduce the transmission of STI’s and prevent pregnancy.

Condoms for FunCondoms for Fun

Whether you prefer it wet and wild or like to keep it fruity, there are a wide range of condoms to help you experiment.


Ribbed condoms feature raised ribs along the length of the sheath. They are suitable for all types of penetrative sex as well as, enhancing sexual stimulation for your partner.


If you enjoyed using the ribbed condoms then Ribs & Dots condoms feature a combination of both ribs and dots, meaning extra pleasure for you and your partner. Suitable for anal, vaginal and oral sex, use with lube for the extra factor!


Whip up a cocktail with these flavoured condoms, available in Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Mint, Chocolate & Vanilla. A safe way to add some flavour to your sex life, and they taste good too!


For those of you who prefer the natural feel, these condoms are ideal. Made from thinner latex Naturelle condoms provide all the sensation you crave but with all the protection you need.

For a better fit

Large condomsThe most important thing to do when choosing a condom is to make sure you chose one that’s comfortable for you. Most condoms come in a standard size suitable for most chaps. However, if these start to feel a bit tight then they can be more likely to split during sex, or likewise slip off if they aren’t snug enough.

Large condoms are less restrictive, more comfortable and easier to put on. Larger and the base (55 mm) and longer in length (180mm), these are ideal for those feeling a bit restricted in regular sizes.

Trim condomsMade to provide a snug fit, trim condoms are less likely to slip, bunch or fall off, if you find regular condoms a bit roomy or draughty!

Remember it’s not always about size; it’s what you do with it that counts. Respect your partner, respect yourself. Always wear a condom!


Ultra thin condomsThe majority of condoms available on the market are made from latex. However, for all of you boys and girls out there who are allergic to latex a range of condoms are now available which still provide you with all the protection you need without the worry of a rash!

Although made from an Ultra thin synthetic resin AT-10, latex free condoms are just as safe as their latex counterparts. Although not stretchy, latex free condoms adhere to the skin once you’ve got things warmed up, giving you a more natural feel.

A reliable all rounder, you can use this happy chap for oral, vaginal and anal sex.

Each pack comes in a nifty packet the size of a credit card, handy to keep in your wallet or handbag. Now there’s no excuse not to be prepared!

For the Girls

Femi DomThe female condom, aka the Femi Dom!

Ideal for when your partner has forgotten their condom as well as their manners! The female condom is a thin sheath worn by the woman during sex. Just like the male alternative it lines the vagina to help prevent pregnancy, STI’s and HIV transmission.

A sheath with two rings, the closed end is inserted into the vagina, leaving the second ring positioned at the vaginal opening. This prevents the condom from being bunched up inside the vagina and rustling like a carrier bag!

Non latex with superior heat transfer, this little lady is soft and comfortable, and can also be used with water based lubricant for extra comfort.

Ideal for if your partner doesn’t like using a condom!


DamsNot just for use in the lady garden, these ultra thin latex sheets are Ideal for all types of genital-oral sex, offering protection against the STI’s that can be transmitted during oral sex. Very popular with girls who are into girls, they are individually wrapped, and are available in a variety of flavours including:

  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Banana
  • Mint
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

non-latex damsFor those of you with allergic reactions to latex you can get your hands on non-latex dams, available from all good chemists.

Although not ideal for using in your mum’s lasagne, dams are best served with a generous helping of lube on the side facing the anus or vagina!

Lubricant aka Lube!

Using lubricant can help enhance sexual activity by increasing pleasure and reducing pain. Not just used for condoms, lube can be incorporated into foreplay for use with sex toys or for relaxing your partner with a sensuous massage!

Because the anus doesn’t produce any natural lubrication, personal lubricants are ideal for anal sex. A generous helping normally does the trick and can be applied to the condom and anal entrance.

Don’t forget girls, you can also use lube for vaginal sex (especially if you’re experiencing a dry spell) although you probably wouldn’t want to use it for oral sex.

If you want to add some more glide to your slide then it’s really important that you only use water based lubricants with latex condoms.

To help you figure out the good lube from the bad lube, we’ve put together a list of common alternatives that are probably best left in your kitchen/bathroom cupboard!

  • The Good Stuff!
  • Lubricating Jelly
  • K-Y Jelly
  • Liquid Silk
  • Pasante TLC
  • Pasante Light Lube

Homemade lube to avoid:

  • Spit
  • Baby Oil
  • Bath Oil
  • Cream
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Ice Cream
  • Massage oil
  • Sun Cream
  • Vaseline
  • Margarine/butter
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Your mums expensive face cream you got her for Christmas!

If you’re ever unsure about a particular method of lubrication then always read the label or contact your local GUM, pharmacist or GP for further information.

Condom Friendly Lube

Designed for longer lasting lubrication the water and silicone based formula of this little number makes it a Johnny’s best friend. PH balanced; it contains skin soothing ingredients for greater comfort. TLC….Because you’re worth it!

Unlike other lubricant that might wear out before you do, this light PH balanced formula means that a few drops of water is all you need to get you back on track. Light and gentle it’s perfect for latex condoms.

Flavoured condomsSafety Information: once you’ve chosen or bought your condoms, it’s really important that you always have them handy. Keep them in a safe place away from sharp objects and out of the heat.

So that you don’t look like a Larry when it comes to putting on your condoms; always read the enclosed information leaflet carefully. It contains useful tips as to the best to way to use, store and look after your condoms.

check that the condom you are using is in dateAlways check that the condom you are using is in date. Old condoms can be dry and brittle, making it possible for them to break more easily. You’ll find all the safety information you need on the back of the individual wrappers, as well as the back of the box they came in.

Remember the date appears with the year first, followed by the month.

For example: 2013/04 = April 2013.

BSI Kitemark or CE stamp of approvalLook for the BSI Kitemark or CE stamp of approval. These logos indicate that the condom you are using has been certified to international standard and tested to levels up and beyond the legal requirements.

Don’t reuse your condoms

Condoms must only be used once, or changed if you have an episode of sex that lasts longer than 30 minutes.

  • Only use water based lubricants, especially with latex condoms. Avoid Oil based lubes as this can cause the condoms to split, reducing their overall effectiveness.
  • No method of contraception can provide 100% protection against pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) or HIV. Remember boys and girls, a condom is better than no condom.

Look after your condoms so that they can look after you!

What next?

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