June 2015

Counselling: Mandy Nicholson

Mandy NicholsonMandy is a Humanistic Integrative LGBT affirmative Counsellor with three years post qualification experience. This means that whilst focusing on the here and now she is led by each individuals needs and feelings and what they would like to gain from therapy.

Mandy believes that all people are equal and can reach their potential and offer unconditional acceptance, respect, genuineness and empathy within a counselling relationship.

Being a qualified therapist also enables her to use models which decades of research evidence has demonstrated are the most effective in treating different types of depression and anxiety.
Mandy can also work with people at home (following assessment) or various venues in the community including at Over the Rainbow, depending on each clients wishes, needs, confidence and goals. Mandy also offers skype counselling for people who are unable to attend venues within the community or don't live locally.

Mandy has worked with people experiencing mental health issues for over a decade and currently facilitates anxiety, wellbeing and LGBT Mental Health Support Groups. This has increased her understanding and openness to diversity and her ability to empathise with a range of people and needs whilst working in a flexible, sensitive yet inquisitive, client-centred way.

Professional Membership

Mandy is registered on the BACP Voluntary Register (which is accredited by the Department of Health) and meets standards set by the professional standards authority. This involves passing proficiency test and adhering to a number of ethical principles by working in a safe, ethical and accountable way (for more info see www.bacp.co.uk).

Mandy can help with;

  • Loss and Bereavement (including employment, relationships etc)
  • Depressive disorders and low self-esteem
  • People stuck in negative thinking and behaviour patterns
  • Increased assertiveness
  • Addiction
  • Trauma/ PTSD
  • Gender identity and sexuality issues
  • Body dismorphia
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Specific phobia's
  • Social anxiety/ phobia
  • Panic Attacks/ Panic disorder
  • OCD
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • Self-injurous behaviour (e.g. trichotillamania/ hair pulling)
  • Dissassociative disorders
  • Relaxation – training
  • Mindfulness
  • Coping skills


Being committed to diversity Mandy seeks to provide counselling for a variety of people and needs. Therefore charges range from £15 to £40 per session depending on; personal circumstances, room hire, parking and travel costs and client affordability.

Contact Mandy

Mandy Nicholson, Locus Counselling:

Tel: 07947 708838 or e-mail: locuscounselling2014@yahoo.co.uk

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