May 2009

Sun, Sea, Sand and Sex!

Part two of our essential guide for safer fun in the sun!

Sun Screen

With so many bronzed beauties on the beach everyone wants to look hot this summer, but to avoid looking like a lobster, or worse still your nans’ old leather handbag (nice!) here are some handy tips to keep you looking and feeling great!

  • Strutting your stuff without the necessary sun protection should be avoided as this increases the risk of skin cancer as well as sunburn, not nice when you want to be looking your best!
  • Always take plenty of sun lotion! Even if you end up taking more than you need, it’s always better to have more than it is to be caught out. Just think of all those extra Boots points!
  • The sun is at it’s strongest between midday and 3pm, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t get caught out in the morning or late afternoon. Take a selection of high protection factors with you!
  • For those of you who are worried that safe sun screening means you’ll end up with larger white bits than you’d hoped for, fear not!, you can still come back with a nice holiday glow if you use your sun cream properly. If you’re not sure which factor is best for you, then check with your GP or local chemist.
  • Pack some after sun just in case you do end up getting caught out, if you have a fridge in your accommodation then you can always keep it in there to help cool things down even more.
  • Sun screen is best used to protect you from the suns harmful rays and shouldn’t be used as a substitute for lube. The oil based ingredients used in sun cream will cause your condoms to split.

Putting on your sun screen needn’t be a drag, there’s always someone on hand to help with those hard to reach places!

Tattoos and piercings

Even though people have been piercing and inking themselves for centuries, body art is becoming increasingly popular amongst people of all ages. If being on holiday fills you with the confidence you were lacking from before, then remember to consider the following carefully.

  • Don’t rush into the first parlour that you see, take your time to look around. Remember a tattoo is for life, not just a fortnight in the Canaries!
  • Always scan the walls for hygiene certificates. If proper hygiene precautions are not taken, then you run the risk of localised wound infections in addition to developing blood-borne virus infections.
  • You should see the body artists using lots of disposable gloves and equipment. Check to see whether fresh needles are being used for each client.
  • Always enquire what after care is provided, if you’re lucky you might even get a lollipop to bite down on whilst they do it!

If you can’t resist the urge, then just bear in mind that new tattoos require a lot of aftercare and as such need to be protected from extreme temperatures including prolonged exposure to the sun, so no sunbathing or frolicking in the sea for you!

Face lift holidays

It can be really tempting to have cosmetic surgery abroad, especially for treatments that are considerably cheaper and don’t come with the celebrity price tags! Tempting as they may seem, operations abroad are risky, which means they may need correcting once you get home. More procedures, means more money, so you were probably just as well to have it done at home in the first place!

Refresh yourself!

Who’d of thought lying on the beach all day could build up such a thirst! If you cant wait until the evenings for that cheeky G&T just remember that drinking in the sun can lead to extra quick dehydration, leaving you lagging behind whilst all your friends are off enjoying themselves. So don’t leave it until you’re dry as a desert; make sure you regularly drink lots of fluid to keep yourself ready for the action!

No one wants to spend their holidays locked up in the hotel toilets, so do yourself a favour and avoid drinking from the tap. Water in foreign countries isn’t always treated in the same way as it is in the UK.

Only drink:

  • Boiled
  • Filtered
  • Or mineral water from sealed bottles.

Health Insurance

Ok, so the flight was a bargain, and the hotel was cheap as chips, but you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to your health. Getting health insurance may not be top on your list of priorities when your getting ready to go away, but it can easily end up being the most important thing you left behind.

If you are an EU citizen travelling to another European country then get yourself an E111 card. Just like the one below, it comes in a wallet friendly size (just like your condoms) meaning that you can always keep it handy.

It’s really easy to get your hands on an E111 card. You can apply for one:

  • By collecting an application form from the post office. Their helpful staff can even proof read your application for an additional charge of £2! Good for if you want peace of mind or have any extra questions that you need answering. Getting your card this way can take up to 21 days to arrive, so make sure you leave yourself lots of time.
  • Don’t forget the post office can also change up your money as well, so why not be extra organised and do them both at the same time. Nice One!
  • By picking up the phone! You can call the NHSBA EHIC enquiries line on 0845 606 2030. Applications can usually be processed in 10 days.
  • By logging on to for a speedy 7 day turnaround, ideal for those last minute bookings!

Remember, health insurance isn’t a holiday luxury, it’s a seasons must have! With lots of companies offering competitive packages, tailored to your every needs there’s no excuse!

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